Kickstarter Video Script

Spy Club Countdown: 78 days. Here's the first draft of the script for our introductory Kickstarter video. I’ve had the chance to preview a number of Kickstarter campaigns before they go live, and it seems the video is always the last thing done — and it’s often too late for me to give any feedback or for the... Continue Reading →


Thematic Research for World’s Fair 1893, Part 2

Here’s a look at the research we did for the individual exhibit cards in World’s Fair 1893, with tips for researching themes for your own game. --- World's Fair 1893 takes players back in time to experience the wonder of this grand international exposition. In the previous post, I looked at the thematic research that... Continue Reading →

Interview: Illustrator Beth Sobel

Get to know Beth Sobel, illustrator for Lanterns and World's Fair 1893, and see a little about what goes on behind the scenes. --- At Foxtrot Games, our ongoing quest is to produce beautiful and approachable board games. Rich, immersive artwork is integral to both. We needed an artist who could take the experience of... Continue Reading →

How Family Got Me Into Gaming

Our mission at Foxtrot Games is to publish beautiful and approachable games. Here's what we mean by that. Our mission at Foxtrot Games is to publish beautiful and approachable games. By approachable, I mean games that are easy to learn and quick to play. Games have always been a part of my life, and I thank my family... Continue Reading →

Tabletop Design Community

Joseph Nicholas from indietabletop recently interviewed me about Foxtrot Games. There were a few questions that no one had ever asked me before, and I wanted to share my responses to those on this blog. --- JN: What do you enjoy the most about the tabletop design community? RH: I’m an introvert, and I don’t really thrive in large... Continue Reading →

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