Reward Tiers

We plan for the Lanterns campaign to have separate reward tiers for each shipping option, but not for multiple versions of the game or for Relic Expedition. --- Countdown: 60 days. Some campaigns have just one or two reward tiers, while other campaigns have dozens. Even if you are primarily making one game, it can make sense... Continue Reading →


Gen Con Preparation

It was a productive weekend for Lanterns: testing the latest version, sending updates to new and existing testers, and getting ready for Gen Con. --- Countdown: 63(ish) days. It was a productive weekend for Lanterns. I received some prototypes from Print & Play Productions with the first version of the tile artwork last week, and I played it a... Continue Reading →

Box Size

After holding a Carcassonne-size box, I realized it was too big for Lanterns. So I made a trip to Madness Games and Comics to study box sizes. --- Countdown: 65 days. I did some preliminary research on box sizes, and I had decided to use a box the size of Compounded (8.75" x 8.75") or Carcassonne base... Continue Reading →

Amazon Payments: Bank Statement Uploaded

I added my bank account to my Amazon account, and they asked me to upload a bank statement for verification. --- Countdown: 66 days. I went by my bank yesterday and made sure that my Foxtrot Games bank account had everything set up correctly (the right address, etc.). I added that bank account to my Amazon account, and they asked me... Continue Reading →

Amazon Payments: Tax Profile Complete

My tax profile with Amazon Payments is now complete, one step closer to connecting it to my Kickstarter project. --- Countdown: 67 Days. For the Relic Expedition Kickstarter campaign, I used an Amazon Payments account for one of my other businesses. (I created a Foxtrot Games business account, but I had some difficulty getting that Amazon Payments account verified because... Continue Reading →

Analyzing Yardmaster Express

I am studying a lot of Kickstarter campaign pages. To add some structure to my study I will be gathering stats and writing up my observations on some of them, starting with Yardmaster Express. --- Countdown: 68 days. I have spent a lot of time studying Kickstarter pages, both as I prepared for Relic Expedition and now... Continue Reading →

Reward Delivery to US Backers

Following some good advice in a recent article by Chris Henderson and using a Carcassonne box as a reference, we're planning to use Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for handling reward delivery to US backers. --- Countdown: 71 days. We had Relic Expedition manufactured in China, and we are planning to do the same for Lanterns. After the games are... Continue Reading →

Online Play-Testing with Roll20

I'm using Roll20 to run remote playtests with Chris and other remote testers. Here are some of my recommendations and the techniques I'm using. --- Roll20 is a website that lets you create and play tabletop games online. It is designed with role-playing games in mind, but it has a lot of useful features that make it work well for board games: multiple-user video... Continue Reading →

PnP Play-Testing Feedback

Feedback from PnP play-testers is starting to roll in. It is quite magical to hear feedback from these testers! --- Countdown: 75 Days. Feedback on the latest round of changes is starting to roll in from PnP play-testers. It's such a rush to hear positive feedback from players who have fun playing a game you have designed or developed.... Continue Reading →

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