Landing Page Created at

I created a page for the game at, which includes a Notify me on launch link, and added it to BGG.

Countdown: 84 Days. Yesterday I created a landing page for Lanterns on our main website with an easy-to-speak web address, []. This required me to add a new “Games” page to the site that lists both Relic Expedition and Lanterns. (Before yesterday, clicking on “Games” took you straight to the Relic Expedition page since that was the only game mentioned on our site.) I added a link to the landing page to the BoardGameGeek page. After it was approved, I also requested that it be the default link; that it is now listed in the main information section of the page.

I researched what it what take to add a Notify me on launch link to that landing page and added that right below the picture. It works really nicely! If someone is logged into Kickstarter already, a single click on that link takes them to the preview page and gives them a nice notification to let them know that they will be notified when the campaign launches. It’s a very clean, frictionless experience.

[For the web developers out there, I also finally set up a smooth deployment process for the whole site. I was already editing the content for the site in WordPress on a development server so that I can get everything right before deploying. I was already using the WP Static HTML Output plugin to generate the files, and I can now easily use some Linux terminal commands to commit those to GitHub. I can now use to push the new changes to an Amazon S3 bucket that hosts the site.]


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