Amazon Payments: Tax Profile Complete

My tax profile with Amazon Payments is now complete, one step closer to connecting it to my Kickstarter project.

Countdown: 67 Days. For the Relic Expedition Kickstarter campaign, I used an Amazon Payments account for one of my other businesses. (I created a Foxtrot Games business account, but I had some difficulty getting that Amazon Payments account verified because I didn’t have all the right pieces in place.) I emailed with Amazon earlier this week, and they asked me to fax them a copy of the acknowledgment letter from the IRS with my Employer Identification Number (EIN). I faxed that over yesterday, and my tax profile is now complete.

Amazon Payments: Current Status

The next step is to add a bank account. (I have a bank account specific for Foxtrot Games finances, but it’s still officially in the name of one of my other businesses. I’ll be going into a branch this week to get that all straightened out.)


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