First BGG Review (PnP)

The first review of Lanterns appeared on BoardGameGeek yesterday, based on the print-and-play. "Lanterns really hit a sweet spot for us." --- Countdown: 30 days. The first review of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival appeared on BoardGameGeek (BGG) yesterday: As Brian mentioned in the review, he saw our "very beautiful and colorful banner" at Gen Con and... Continue Reading →


Script For Introduction Video

I created the first draft of the 1-minute introduction video script tonight, as well as a very rough storyboard to be used as a reference. --- Countdown: 31 days. I've been planning the Kickstarter videos for a while now. We'll create a 1-minute introduction video for the top of the page and then a 5-10 minute game play video displayed in... Continue Reading →

Gen Con Recap

I had such a good time demoing Lanterns at Gen Con. Here are some of the photos and comments that people have posted online so far. --- Countdown: 40 days. I had such a good time at Gen Con. It was a very much a work Gen Con for me: demoing Lanterns and Relic Expedition,... Continue Reading →

To Gen Con!

I've been hard at work getting ready to promote Lanterns at Gen Con, and I have also spent some time adding some content to the campaign page. --- Countdown: 46 days. It's been a lot of work getting ready for Gen Con. I will be running lots of demos and playtests of Lanterns and Relic Expedition (you can see a list of... Continue Reading →

Reward Delivery to Canada Backers

We are currently planning to use USPS First Class International mail for delivering rewards to Canada backers, requiring $11 more than for US backers. --- Countdown: 52 days. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we're using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment for shipping rewards to US backers. I expect that to be the majority of our backers, and... Continue Reading →

Box Cover Illustration

Beth Sobel sent us the box cover illustration. We uploaded it to Board Game Geek and ordered some marketing pieces for upcoming conventions. --- Countdown: 56 days. We are working with artist Beth Sobel for Lanterns. She was recommended to us by Michael Iachini, a good friend and fellow game designer. We loved her work... Continue Reading →

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