Why Do Kickstarter Projects Spike At The End?

An interesting dynamic of many Kickstarter campaigns is that they have a huge influx of backers at the end. (We did for Relic Expedition.) Plenty of projects struggle through a long slow campaign, unsure if they will reach their goal, and then the final days can lift the project to exceed its goal by another 50%. (The recent successful... Continue Reading →


Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, an inspiration for the game's "harvest festival." I posted the PnP and a press release to BGG. --- Countdown: 22 days. Today is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the two cultural inspirations for the "harvest festival" in the name Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. I uploaded the latest version of the print-and-play to BGG... Continue Reading →

PnP for Newsletter Subscribers

I sent out a newsletter to our email subscribers with a sample of the artwork, an update about Gen Con, and a link to download a print-and-play prototype. --- Countdown: 25 days. We have a small email list (about 140 subscribers). Almost all of them were Relic Expedition backers; we encouraged people to sign up for the newsletter in our last... Continue Reading →

Preview Copies in the Mail

I mailed off a dozen preview copies right around Labor Day weekend. --- Countdown: 28 days. I wrote a post a week or two ago about the importance of third-party reviews. I had ordered a number of review copies, which arrived last week. It was quite an effort boxing them up in USPS Priority Flat Rate Small boxes, printing... Continue Reading →

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