Script for Introductory Video

Countdown: 85 days. Here's the first draft of the script for our introductory video. In 1893, millions came to Chicago to see the world's greatest achievements in technology, culture, and entertainment. From the beautiful white city buildings with their miles of exhibits, to the fun attractions of the Midway, this grand exposition was a wonder to behold!... Continue Reading →


Watching People Use Your Rulebook

Watching someone miss a rule in livestreamed game of Lanterns gave me insight into how rulebooks are used as references. One of the challenges in writing rulebooks is that people use them both as tutorials (to learn the game) and as a reference (to look up specific rules in specific situations). I find it most natural to... Continue Reading →

How We Delivered Lanterns Rewards To Backers

We finished mailing rewards to backer of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival last month using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment and Asendia. I still find coordinating fulfillment to be one of the biggest challenges for me as a Kickstarter project creator. There's unfortunately no perfect solution or silver bullet that fits every situation; the best approach for each project... Continue Reading →

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