Who Makes Our Prototypes and Preview Copies?

Countdown: 32 days. I mailed out preview copies today. It's always a pleasure to work with Andrew Tullsen at Print & Play Productions to make these. I mailed the first eight preview copies today, and I have more components on the way to send out more next week. (I wrote about the importance of third-party reviews during the Lanterns campaign: link.)... Continue Reading →


Campaign Page Update

Countdown: 50 days. After Gen Con, I sketched out all the content for the campaign page to get an idea of what content I'll need to write and graphics have created. The campaign page is coming along nicely. This is the first of many screenshots of the page I plan to take as the campaign gets closer... Continue Reading →

Rough Storyboard / Reference Video

Countdown: 51 days. I finished creating a rough storyboard / reference video over the weekend. I sent this video to the video pro who will be creating the introduction video. This uses the second draft of the script. It's rough -- really rough -- but this is easy enough for me to create and way better... Continue Reading →

A Tiny Publisher At Gen Con

Countdown: 55 days. Even without paying much for space, I demoed World's Fair 1893 and Lanterns dozens of times at Gen Con 2015. I attended Gen Con this past weekend, my third straight year as a publisher. As a tiny publisher without a booth, my biggest frustration the past two years has been not having a dedicated... Continue Reading →

Script for Introductory Video: Draft #2

Countdown: 56 days. After getting some great feedback, here's the second draft of the script for our introductory video. I got some really great feedback on the script of the introductory video, and I've been revising it over the past few weeks. This second draft of the video tightens a few things up, focusing a little bit more... Continue Reading →

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