Campaign Page Update

Countdown: 50 days. After Gen Con, I sketched out all the content for the campaign page to get an idea of what content I’ll need to write and graphics have created.

The campaign page is coming along nicely. This is the first of many screenshots of the page I plan to take as the campaign gets closer so that I can look back and see how complete the page was at different points. I sketched out all the content last week, and I added a new comment under Reviews today. (We got a mention in a podcast from someone who played the game with me and Alex at Gen Con, and I added that comment to the Reviews section.) At this point, 50 days from launch, there’s still a lot of placeholder content and content copied straight from the Lanterns campaign. I’ll flesh out all this out over the next few weeks.

Snapshot: August 10 (50 days)


2 thoughts on “Campaign Page Update

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  1. I really enjoy the countdown you provide to your Kickstarter launches. I think it helps build excitement! I certainly am excited for the project.

    I looked over the screenshot you provided, and it looks really good. No spelling errors or anything, either. I’m looking forward to seeing the page progress. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your excitement and for keeping up with the progress! There’s still a lot to do, but I’m happy with how things are progressing. :-)

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