Thematic Research for World’s Fair 1893, Part 2

Here’s a look at the research we did for the individual exhibit cards in World’s Fair 1893, with tips for researching themes for your own game. --- World's Fair 1893 takes players back in time to experience the wonder of this grand international exposition. In the previous post, I looked at the thematic research that... Continue Reading →


Interview: Illustrator Beth Sobel

Get to know Beth Sobel, illustrator for Lanterns and World's Fair 1893, and see a little about what goes on behind the scenes. --- At Foxtrot Games, our ongoing quest is to produce beautiful and approachable board games. Rich, immersive artwork is integral to both. We needed an artist who could take the experience of... Continue Reading →

What Do Board Game Publishers Do?

Three years ago, I was preparing for my first Kickstarter campaign. I have learned so much about making games (and myself) since then! Before that first campaign (Relic Expedition) launched, I had done a lot of research on designing games and running Kickstarter campaigns. As I look back now, though, I realize I didn't have a very good understanding of... Continue Reading →

World’s Fair 1893 is live on Kickstarter!

Countdown: -2 days. Yikes! I forgot to announce here that the campaign is live. I write this blog to document my thoughts and process, in hopes that someone planning a Kickstarter campaign in the future might stumble across it in the future and find it useful. Surprisingly, I actually forgot that people might follow the blog as its written to get... Continue Reading →

Campaign Page Update

Countdown: 12 days. Over the last week, I have fleshed out a lot of the content for the campaign page. I have been thinking about and talking with a lot of people about the campaign page, but I had only made small edits intermittently since the big edit after Gen Con. Artwork keeps rolling in, and graphics... Continue Reading →

Project Blurb

Countdown: 18 days. The project image and short blurb are incredibly important: these are all people see of your project when they browse on Kickstarter. Kickstarter gives this advice: Your project title and blurb should be simple, specific, and memorable. Our search tools run through these sections of your project, so be sure to incorporate any key words... Continue Reading →

Who Makes Our Prototypes and Preview Copies?

Countdown: 32 days. I mailed out preview copies today. It's always a pleasure to work with Andrew Tullsen at Print & Play Productions to make these. I mailed the first eight preview copies today, and I have more components on the way to send out more next week. (I wrote about the importance of third-party reviews during the Lanterns campaign: link.)... Continue Reading →

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